Vaccines ~ What We Can Do To Stay Sane Before We Receive Them

First, Happy New Year! We have turned a hard corner and are hopefully on the road to a much better year than last. I know it has been a challenging time for many, but there have been benefits resulting from the time at home. For me, it has been looking in all areas of my condo and seeing where I could make improvements. And God knows before this started, there were many areas of my condo that needed help. Before this pandemic, I was always so busy it seemed, I never had the time to get many things done. Sometimes, I had no time, and others because I was tired after working most days.

I noticed that I enjoyed the first couple of weeks of relaxing in this pandemic’s first phase. I was never thinking for a minute that we would still be here ten months later! After a few weeks, I started to worry. But then I realized that I had no control and needed to generate something or go nuts with boredom and worry. For those of us in the service business, the pandemic put an end to our business as we know it. Have you noticed that we were kind of like robots before the pandemic, doing the same thing every day? Get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV (or whatever your thing is), and then bed, and then do it over again the next day. It was almost as if there was no end in sight and a limited capacity for change. When one relies on the income from whatever it is we do, it can be challenging to make changes, or at least that was the way I saw it for myself.

For me, during this time, I have made a lot of changes. It has been fascinating to notice my thought processes. Once I could get over the mental blocks that can easily take over, I started making things happen. Working out is very important to me. With all of the gyms closed for a large chunk of time, it ended my teaching and left me without my classes. I had two sets of weights here and my Peloton bike, but the lack of group dynamics made it harder to get motivated. Throughout, I had three training clients twice a week (for whom I had to get very creative to train) but no structure for myself as I did when I was teaching at the gym. The situation I found myself in seemed to be a real dilemma.

Then my daughter started making plans to move back to DC from NYC. That set me in action, not just helping her, but for getting things done at home. Once my daughter was here in DC and happily in her new condo, was when I realized that I needed a gym. While watching the news one night before the elections, someone said, “Who do you want to be when this is all over?” Wow, I thought to myself, who do I want to be? The answer was that I want to be the person who I visualize myself to be. The person that I spent so many years educating myself to be or become. I decided to sell the furniture in my daughter’s bedroom and build a gym in her room. That was the best idea ever. Oh, and for Christmas, my daughter bought me an Apple Watch, which is the best device ever for holding one accountable for being active. I am now completely set up to train! Between the gym and the Peloton, I have been working out regularly and am feeling very accomplished. In turn, it has inspired me to take on so many other things that have lifted the mental load.

So, if you have a spare bedroom that sits there waiting for someone to use while collecting dust, I recommend creating a usable, functional space out of it. I advertised everything I got rid of on Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor. It took no time to get rid of just about everything. You can do it too! Who knows when this could happen again in our lifetimes? Why not be prepared?

Contact me for help with the setup or training. Until then, take on something that you keep telling yourself you want to do because it will free your mind.

Mary Dolbashian (

PTA Global CPT


Mad Dogg Athletics Star 3 CSI

TRX Certified Team Training Instructor

Schwinn CCI

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

Equinox GFTI CI

Precision Nutrition Certified Level 2 Pro Coach

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