Hope Is On The Way!

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since you have heard from me. Yep, the Pandemic hit, and life presented many ups and downs since. It has been such a crazy time for me. I have to admit, my fitness and nutrition programs started to go downhill rather quickly. One of the things that I have yet to decide is whether I would ever want to retire. This time seems as if it has been like retirement, minus the ability to socialize freely. On the one hand, I have liked it, but on the other hand, I do not get nearly as much done with my time. There is something about work that causes me to be more efficient in my day to day life. Yet, there is something about not having to go to work that feels like freedom. That said, of course, this Pandemic has caused many problems for many. There have been 100,000 restaurants out of business in the United States since March. I don’t even know how many people are going hungry? But you can rest assured that many people are without resources to manage their lives and their family’s lives. What can we, as individuals, do to help?

The best news, from where I stand, is that Joe Biden won the election! All I can say is thank you, God! Help is on the way. I feel fortunate that I have two lines of work that I have maintained to some extent. It has been different, but it has worked up until this point. Now, the cold weather is upon us, which puts a damper on outside workouts with clients and outside haircuts. I will probably be in line for the vaccination in March due to my underlying conditions, if not sooner. As much as I hate medicine, I am looking forward to this vaccination.

One of the smart decisions I made a couple of months ago was buying Hello Fresh meals each week. It saves me money because I do not spend a fortune buying things I don’t need at the store. It minimizes my grocery store trips. I am not sure how healthy all of these meals are, but they are delicious.

Interestingly, I did go to my doctor for a yearly check-up. Much to my surprise, my cholesterol was high! That was a wake-up call! My cholesterol has NEVER been high. The doctor says that it is never high until it is. But I am convinced it is because of the minimal workouts I had done compared to teaching in a gym. I do not know, but Doc Joe is giving me three months to get it in check before he says I should start medication. I am happy that I began Hello Fresh when I did, and I am on the move again with my health and wellness goals.

Think about it; it doesn’t take much to get out of whack with our personal goals that can affect our health. Me, I am on it! What about you? Have you had your check-up lately? Do you even know what your cholesterol is? Let my story spur you on to taking care of yourself. It is essential to visit your doctor as a preventative. Also, get tested for COVID. Get the concern out of your head and on paper. Take care of yourself and stay safe, healthy, and in good shape.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life; make the most of it!

Happy Holidays,

Mary Dolbashian
ForLife Fitness

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