Two Months Down and Counting

How is everyone holding up? So far, no one has reached out for help. Either I am not reaching enough people, or everyone is doing well. The one thing that I have noticed so far is that I am not spending money on much besides food. The highlight of my spending was when Starbucks opened. But now I am not wanting to spend on Starbucks either because saving money is pretty critical at this point.

On the positive side of this otherwise awful situation, I have been able to get some long-awaited projects done. I still have many things I could be doing, but distraction seems to be my biggest downfall. The biggest project that I would like to accomplish is to eliminate a lot of stuff in my bedroom; clothes, books, furniture, etc. My daughter came home from NYC this past Sunday. That spurred me onto cleaning out her bedroom. And although I did not get rid of a lot of things, I did completely reorganize. It took many hours of my time and was well worth the time it took.

Now let’s get to the nutrition part of our current life situation. I am going to be perfectly honest with you! At first, my diet could not be better, although, after a while, trips to the grocery store were becoming my only access to the outside world. I found myself looking at products that I haven’t thought about or craved for years. Examples; Cheez-Its, Snyders Pretzels, Dip! It was bizarre! Up until that point, I was eating fruits and vegetables every day and feeling good. Then I dipped into the dark side, and I started feeling like crap! Then what do you think happens after that? One starts wondering if maybe COVID-19 has struck! The imagination goes wild. So again, what I was doing was eating to fill the hunger and using comfort food to accomplish that goal. BAD decision, but as we all know, most of us do these crazy things repeatedly. Fortunately for me, this lasted about one week. When I stop buying that stuff, it does not take long to start feeling better once that was over.

So now, let’s all get back on track. Depression, anxiety, or stress do not get better with Cheez-Its! Proper nutrition will heal the soul and the body. We can do this. While you are home, I challenge you to take on your kitchen. Go through all of your cabinets and throw away all of the junk that someone in your household will eat at some point in time. I would say give it away, but why would you give what is making you sick or someone else to make them sick? I am not saying you don’t eat another piece of pizza, I am just saying let’s get real! We all know what to do; we don’t do it. I was hoping we could start a chat on my blog; let’s get ideas flowing back and forth. Join forces everyone; we are all in this together, but if we continue to go it alone, nothing will change, and our time wasted waiting for WHAT?

And as I have said before, if you need help during this trying time, please reach out. I am sure I can find support for you in whatever way you need it.

Be Safe!

Mary Dolbashian
PTA Global CPT
Schwinn Certified CCI
Mad Dogg Athletics Star 3 CSI 
Equinox GFTI Certified
TRX Certified Team Training Level 2 Instructor
Precision Nutrition Certified Level 2 Pro Coach

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