Here We Are March 1, 2019, How Are Those New Years Resolutions Going Now?

It has been a while since my last post. Time keeps flying by with not enough hours in each day, or so it seems. I found this photo on the web, and it says it all! I love my Peloton! The classes could not be better. For all of you reading my blog who are frustrated with your workout regime, don’t want to hire me, but want something that could help you reach your goals, Peloton Bike could be your answer. I love it. Keep in mind, that I teach four spinning classes a week. I do at least one Peloton class a week at home. I have also done some of the other classes offered that I mirror from my phone onto my tv. Everyone that I have done is excellent!

How are your New Years Resolutions going? By now you should have mastered the art of eating slowly, as well as, the ability to eat until 80% full. If not, keep working on it. I promise, if you practice those two habits you will have a breakthrough with your goals towards health and fitness.
Next thing on the agenda; have you ever noticed that you talk about wanting to get fit and eat better, but you continue to keep things in your kitchen that does not support what you keep saying? How about starting something that you probably have been avoiding for a long time? Redo your kitchen! Recently, Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix was introduced to me by a friend. I have begun watching her series but have a long way to go to getting organized to the extent that she coaches people, but I am on the path.

You may not need Marie Kondo initially, but start her first episode, and it will inspire you to do some organizing. My suggestion is to go through EVERY cabinet in your kitchen one at a time, taking everything out and discarding any items out of date or that do not support your commitment your you or your family. Keep in mind this critical factor; If it is in your house, either you or someone you love WILL eat it! Forget about self-control! If you buy into that, you are just fooling yourself. Trust me; I am telling the truth. You will be amazed at all of at all of the out-of-date spices that go back years, as well as, maybe things like flour that have been there so long you have food moths in the packages! OOOOH…digusting!

Report back and let me know if you had some insights about your life. What may be some of the limiting factors that stand in the way of you and your goals? You can do this!

In the meantime, if you have an interest in my year-long program powered by Precision Nutrition or would like to do some personal training with me, feel free to send me a message. I would love to work with you!

Till next time,

Coach Mary

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