Your New Year Resolutions

Here we are in the 2019 New Year! Gees, time flies. Do you have any New Year Resolutions for 2019? Year after year I make them and then in two months I forget that I made them. My first 2019 resolution is to keep them throughout this year.

This year I resolve to learn how to use social media marketing effectively. I have been having this conversation with myself for quite a while now. The question is how am I going to go about it? Will I take another class? Will, I self teach? What will I do with it once I learn how to use it?

The most important thing for me this year is to be more consistent with my eating habits. I plan to spend more time in the kitchen preparing healthy foods that I like. The internet is full of recipes. While in Florida, I made a pot of ham and bean soup with the leftover honey baked ham bone that was in the refrigerator. It was my first ever bean soup, and it was delicious!

Another resolution is to keep the kitchen organized. I find that my cabinets and refrigerator get disorganized rather quickly. When my kitchen has order, my habits are better. Recently, I discovered that I had a mandoline. I had the task of making au gratin potatoes for a family Christmas party. I had never used this device before and am now looking forward to the next thing I need to use it for! Who knew that you could slice potatoes in no time flat with this? Once you realize how to use all of the gadgets that are put away in your kitchen, you could create an endless supply of tasty food.

Last but not least, I plan to ride my new Peloton bike at least once a week. I plan to use it to learn different ways to teach my cycle classes. That was my big Christmas present this year! Energy in, energy out is critical to maintaining the right balance when it comes to healthy living.

If you need help with your goal for healthier living my year-long online program starts on January 14th. For more information click the link below.

Happy New Year!!

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