Are You Taking Care Of Business?

I am not sure about you, but I know for myself that I do not like to take the time it takes to go to the doctors. And of course, you know, I am a cancer survivor! Through my illness, it became evident that I had to let go of dislike of these appointments and do it. Occasionally, I go a little longer than I should, but I do go. Recently, I made all of my year-end doctors appointments. I had a mammogram, a DEXA scan, a colonoscopy and I had dental surgery. The colonoscopy result was; I had four polyps and a few small diverticula. I had no idea what all of this meant before that procedure. If you have polyps and they remain for too long, they will become cancerous. And if food gets into the diverticula, it can become infected, which causes severe pain. Dental surgery was a result of chemotherapy. Between the chemo and the other drugs that I received my bones were deteriorating. I can only hope that this works and my teeth don’t fall out.

What does all of that tell you? What it tells me; it is vitally important to get check-ups and do the appropriate procedures. That way you can manage your state of mind. Next, it tells me to make sure that I learn habits that will ensure a good diet. One that works well for me and makes me feel good.

Since last time, some of you have been eating slowly until you are 80% full. By now, if you have tried this on, I imagine that you are enjoying your food more. I would also think your grocery shopping experience has been a little more mindful. It is an excellent place to be right now. Energy in and energy out might be a focus from here because you may as well become well rounded. Start your attention on what healthy foods satisfy you the most and go from there. You will notice early on how much better you feel.

Take some time to sit for a few minutes, close your eyes, and do a check of your whole body from head to toe. Body scans can happen anywhere. I like to do one at night when I am in bed. Or if I am sitting on my living room couch with the TV off. If you are anything like me, you will resist this. Just do it on all those moments when you are not in a resistant mode.

You have a few things going on:
1. eat slowly
2. 80% full stop eating
3. Start thinking about a simple way to eat healthy with foods that you can learn to love if you don’t already.
4. Body Scan

Send me some comments while you are going through this. It works and having support is essential. Bring it on!

If you want to take on the ProCoach Approach, I would love to work with you! Visit me here to inquire:

Mary Dolbashian
PTA Global CPT
Schwinn Certified CCI
Mad Dogg Athletics Star 3 CSI 
Equinox GFTI Certified
TRX Certified Team Training Level 2 Instructor
Precision Nutrition Certified Level 2 Pro Coach

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