What keeps us from attaining our goals?

It is so interesting to think about what is in my way of anything. Decisions that I make at some point in time very often interfere with my goals. I am in a Nutrition Program right now that is particularly difficult. For the last two weeks, I have felt like checking out. Interestingly, I received an email from my coach that was all about where we are in the program and what it is like to run a marathon. He said that typically in a marathon when people get to mile 20, they want to quit. So funny to get that email because I felt like I was at mile 20 for the last two weeks! We are in week 20 🙂

Then he sent a video that was about picking a word to use to motivate me and to keep that word in front of me at all times. It was so refreshing because the word that kept coming to my mind was SUCCESS! It altered the way I was thinking about things. The other term in our program this week was CREATIVE HOPELESSNESS 🙂 An opportunity for profound change. Let me just say that I had to reread that because I was so in the mode of “done” that I couldn’t even process that the first time I read it.

Now I am wondering about you? How many things have you started where you got to mile 20, and you decided to quit? How many times have you started a nutrition program (diet) and just said “the hell with this”? How often have you become so resigned that you rationalized your behavior because you could not see possibility anywhere?

Have I been successful in my life? Yes, I have in many different areas been successful. Have I been as successful as I would like in all that I have done? NO! Let’s take for example: right now I am learning how to teach Body Pump. So far I am failing at remembering all of the choreography! So to date, I have not been successfully learning how to accomplish that goal. Although, now that I have these concepts, I am a lot more driven to be successful in learning that. Will I succeed? To be determined but at least now I am basking in creative hopelessness, and all that is left are the possibilities that I create going forward. Have I been financially successful in my life? I guess that depends on how you look at it. I have been in business now for 28 years. The fact that I am still here is a success of sorts. But I can’t say that I have been as financially successful as I would like to have been or would want to be. In the area of nutrition have I been successful? YES! As far as fitness and diet I am right on track. Could I get cancer again? I do not know but what I do know is that if what I eat has anything to do with it, I probably won’t! I am lean and in shape.

How I stay healthy is not really that difficult. My food preparation does not take much. At this point in my life, I have let go of most of my ideas about what I like and don’t from childhood. For instance: I would NOT eat peppers regardless of the color. Now I LOVE peppers. In fact, I often wonder where I got the idea that I did not like them. Same with broccoli. The more vegetables and fruits I eat the better I feel, and the more satisfied I am throughout the day. I DO NOT count calories. And honestly, I feel as if anyone that does that is wasting their time and making themselves crazy.  I have gotten my habits to the point where, unless I don’t make time to grocery shop, they are working. Also, it would be useful for you to know I do NOT starve myself by any stretch. I eat plenty of food. And I eat my food slowly. I enjoy it, and I stop before I feel full. It takes 20 minutes for your body to realize it has had enough. If you eat slowly, you will start to recognize when it is an excellent time to stop eating.

What is in the way of you and your goals? What have you decided would happen if you don’t do the things that you are doing right now that may not be working for you? What happens to you when you reach mile 20?

If you have been struggling with what gets in the way of you and your fitness and nutrition goals, my program could be for you! If so send me an email with the subject line Hey Coach @ hairmary@gmail.com

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