Habits Seem Sometimes Hard To Break

Have you created any new habits yet! I have! Eating more vegetables and with every meal has been a significant breakthrough for me. In fact, coming to the realization about the importance of making that happen has been a breakthrough for me.

Right now I am sitting here as I type this eating a large bunch of asparagus and a bowl of delicious chili for lunch. I always wondered why one’s skin starts to break down and get wrinkly? I think it could be from not enough nutrient dense food, given the fact that without vegetables your lean muscle mass will break down! I can only assume they go hand in hand. I hate to believe that just because one is aging that it means they can no longer develop muscles or lose fat!

I am finding it very liberating to have foods prepared that I can quickly serve myself at home during the week or bring to work. My friend, Anna’s son-in-law, is a chef. He told her that the perfect way to make broccoli is to boil the water, drop the broccoli in once it is boiling and remove at precisely 4 minutes. It really does make perfect broccoli! Seriously works like a charm. Now I can make the broccoli ahead of time so that it is ready to eat at any meal during the week:-)

Little habits like that take no time at all. Easy peasy! My Vitamix is amazing. I started making my own hummus again recently, and it is so much better than what I buy, and it takes 5 minutes. Great for a dip with vegetables.

I am going to share with you my chili recipe. It is so good, and I highly recommend the fish sauce and the cocoa powder that are optional ingredients.


I use 2 lbs. Grass-fed beef 95% lean from Giant and also I use 2 cans of kidney beans as well as 1 can of black beans (organic), And I also use a 28oz. Can of Cento tomatoes from San Marzano.  Just be careful you do not overeat since it is SOOOO good!

If you eat correctly, you will be satisfied longer, and your body will change if you are also putting energy out (exercising). I am eating 4 meals a day!

I will leave you with a dessert idea that I am thoroughly enjoying. Fresh strawberries etc. a couple of plops of plain Greek yogurt and 1 Truvia:-) Mix and enjoy!

Until next time:-)

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