Nutrition plus…

 Let’s start today discussing what we want with our health and fitness?

First of all, I would like to tell you what happened to me today. During all of my previous surgeries, I was told that I would never pass another ECG as a result of chemo and radiation. Guess what? Today my ECG was normal! So I guess the moral of the story is that you may not let what people tell you, mean anything! It made me think about people that have a diagnosis of their health, and suddenly they are dead! Because they make what they are told mean something or so it seems!

I am currently certified as a Precision Nutrition Coach. And I have been diligently working towards dropping body fat and replacing it with muscle. And I have to tell you that it is indeed a challenge! Some may say that I do not have a lot of fat, but I do have areas that I do have fat like my legs (upper thighs) and my lower back and triceps. Clothes hide a multitude of sins 🙂 In the meantime my doctors report today was that my BMI is 21.3 as of 6 months ago. My scale says more, but I will take what my blood work says:-)

I work with people all day long every day. I talk to many people on a regular basis, and one thing I can tell you for sure–most people are concerned about their appearance. And most of the woman that I know have issues with their body composition after the age of 40 or sooner. The other thing that I am quite sure about is that diets do NOT work! Most people that I know lose weight while dieting but then put it back on plus more once they go off of the plan they are on. For whatever reason the average person has not been formally educated in the area of long-term health and fitness and how to achieve it through diet (meaning learning how to eat) and exercise. Just saying!

Since becoming certified I have been experimenting with the way of eating that is recommended by Dr. John Berardi and I find it fascinating. I am finding it liberating to find recipes for meals that taste great yet are nutritious! If learning how to eat right is a priority than indeed having food that tastes great also has to be a priority. I am finding that his idea of being a habit based program is so right and therefore am creating new ones every time I realize I need a new one!

What I made today is chili with grass-fed ground beef 95% lean. The best chili recipe I have ever made cooked in my pressure cooker! This pressure cooker is the best machine ever 🙂 The best thing that I learned about nutrition was if you do not eat enough vegetables your muscle mass will break down. Yikes! That was enough for me to get over any issues I have with veggies and get with the program! Seriously, aging is bad enough without making it worse than it has to be. And the next best lesson that I learned was that you need protein to help facilitate fat loss! So there you go it is a no brainier from then on! Having protein with every meal as well as vegetables no exception. 

That being said, if you are thinking about what I am saying and it is driving your desire to start on your journey towards looking and feeling great, my suggestion is to just start with one new habit this week. It could be something like chewing slowly or eating your meals slowly. Maybe you could add an extra vegetable per day. Just remember energy in energy out!  One more thing…Always go in the direction that feels good:-) Until next time!

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