Thanksgiving is Over!

Another year to be thankful for! Incredible that it is almost Christmas. Yikes where did the time go? The best news of all is that I do not have cancer! That was the craziest 2 months of my life for a while. It is a very odd feeling to be wondering if you are at the end of the road or not.  Happily so far I am not at the end of mine:-) During that time I just kept doing what I do. Thank God for spinning because when you spin you forget everything that is running your mind in about 10 minutes into a class. By the time the class is over I am feeling powerful, accomplished as well as great and refocused on better things. Then there is TRX which is the worlds best way to get in great physical shape while becoming so much more mobile, agile and coordinated.

During that time I stopped taking my cancer meds. The latest one was called exemestane. What an awful drug. I believe that it was the cause of all of the issues that were occurring in the last 2 months. And I decided that we would not know that unless I stopped taking it. I am not sure if I am right yet as I am still having some weird stuff going on in my neck but compared to how it was it is light years from there. Also I started taking black seeds (cumin) on a regular basis. The easiest way to take them is to grind them and then add raw organic honey to them and eat a few teaspoons a day. They are supposed to cure many things. The most important to me is that it is said that it reduces inflammation. And that medication caused so much inflammation that I will try anything.

In the meantime up until Thanksgiving my diet has been absolutely terrific. I am juicing at my shop everyday. And eating so well. My best purchase has been this Ronco indoor grill. This thing cooks meat like nothing else I have ever used. And it is fast and easy. I did not used to eat much meat and sometimes chicken. But considering the amount of working out that I do it is very important for me to get more protein. This machine takes about 12 to 15 minutes to cook a piece of meat along with any vegetable you would like to put in there. Usually I cook asparagus in it. I will cook the steak for about 8 minutes and then add the asparagus to the grill and the next thing I know I have a meal that couldn’t be better at Ruth Chris Steak House! I brush a little olive oil and put some liguid amino’s and some roasted garlic salt on it before hand. The asparagus I brush with olive oil and add sesame seeds and yummo!  The convenience factor after a long day at work is incredible with this machine. Each day I also have a vegetable and fruit drink that maybe has squash, zucchini, broccoli, green pepper, lemon, apple, ginger etc.. What a way to feel good each day! Until Thanksgiving, when I spent 2 days cooking and eating, I was feeling fabulous. After Thanksgiving we were giving a dinner party and I cooked for that also. Of course the food was really good but I ate way more than I have eaten in a long time and the type of food is not exactly what I would do every day for sure. And I have to say my.. body feels much better when I am juicing, eating clean and staying away from inflammatory foods. That being said, tradition is a good thing. I think straying from what I know is best for me every once in a while is fine. In fact the remarkable difference in how I feel urges me onward with a very healthy lifestyle. And I must say the turkey I cooked this year was beyond belief good. The moistest turkey I have ever eaten! It is the butter and fat in everything that goes with it that causes all of the problems. And because we crave fat we tend to over eat.

What I have realized is that if you want to eat well and healthy, you have to be set up for it. You must get rid of all of the crap in your kitchens. You must have the proper equipment. And you must have a commitment to feeling good as well as looking good. There are so many easy ways to be healthy but you have to put your mind to it and decide that you want to feel as good as you can for as long as you can and go from there. If you don’t have the equipment to make it happen it will live in your mind like a nice fantasy life that you would have if only! Spend a little money on yourselves, find the deals…askmary….I know where the deals are!! Get yourselves organized for living the best life you can. And that will only happen if you feel as good as you possibly can feel.  Do one thing a week that might make a difference. Gradually build up to a very healthy life. This week I planted microgreens. It is a test! Will it work I don’t know, but it is one new thing I can do to be healthy. You can do the same. Start with a juicer, or a good blender like the Vitamix. And just remember if you aren’t failing at anything it is an indication that you aren’t up to anything!!!

Until next time….In Health,




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