Still Waiting :-/

Thank God it is Sunday! Today is the first day in who knows how long that I just stayed home. I slept in, went through mail, and I cooked! I also organized the pots and pan cabinet…finally:-) It has been a long couple of months of doctors appointments and total uncertainty! I certainly hope this turns out not to be cancer, but I must say the torture of the unknown is pretty awful. Friday I had to take off the whole day from 11:00am on. I had a complete bone scan. It was not so bad actually and compared to an MRI it is a piece of cake. The tech showed me all of the pictures and it sure seemed like everything looked fine but what do I know….I have NO idea what they really look for. He gave me a cd of what he did and today I downloaded software to view it. Interestingly I saw things that I did not see when he showed me. For instance I saw an area where I have some pretty serious back pain. It seems like it might be in the category of trauma because I did break my ribs. But then again I do NOT know until they call. And who knows when that will be.
Someone called me the other day to tell me that they were told that my cancer came back! REALLY?! If I was certain about that I would not be getting all of these tests! I sure hope it hasn’t but nothing is certain as of now. So please do NOT put that out there in the universe. I need positive thoughts and words right now. Funny where negative information comes from!
I am going to admit right now that I have eaten candy during the last 2 days!!! Halloween is a bad time for clean eating!
I did make some veggie juice today…I made Kale, peppers (yellow, red, orange) 6 carrots 4 stalks celery, a bin of spinach, wheatgrass, 1 garlic clove, 2 apples, and 1 large lemon. It made 2 jars and a half of cup. I drank 1 half cup and am waiting until the jars are cold. Not bad at all. Also I took my other juicer to work. It is awesome. Now I can juice there as well. One of my friends and clients bought me some amazing sprouts that have more nutrients than larger veggies. I just ordered a large order that I won’t get for 2 weeks. But I may pick some up next Friday. They are so good and you eat them fresh every day. Just put a little dressing on them and voila! My diet has been particularly good recently aside from candy yesterday and a little today. Wish those kids would have taken it all!
The other thing that I want to discuss today is negativity. How is it affecting your life? Is there anyone in your life that you can’t shake the negativity about? This is a REALLY tough one. My question is when someone else seems to have it out for you, what do you do? How do you handle a situation where someone is treating you poorly and you sometimes have to see them? All of these things affect the quality of your life as far as I am concerned. And sometimes we have no control over how someone else acts or treats us. I know that it seems like a good idea to ignore but is that really always possible when it is so blatant many times? Seriously how do you handle such things? Moving in the direction that feels good is so important in life. Letting go of negativity will help create wellness. The question is what is the best way to do that when someone shows up in your space with the intention of polluting it?! Especially when you can not run the other way?!
I guess it is kind of like candy…what do you do when someone puts a bowl of candy in front of you?? It seems like a good idea to eat it, but really it could kill you!
How is your diet? How is your exercise program? Do you have any negative forces looming in your life? How are you handling them? Have you seen your doctor recently? Have you had a mammogram? Have you had your flu shot? What about the dentist??? And what do you do about time? Do you let it run your life? Do you use it as your excuse to put off important things like these questions above? Think about this till next time, and if you have any good insights to share I would love to hear:-) Any good juice recipes? And good ideas???

Peace and Joy and of course Wellness… till next time:-)
Mary xo

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  1. Nancy says:

    Amen!!! Praying for you Mary!


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