Long Time NO See or Hear!

A lot has gone on since my last post! At this point I am ramping up on the nutrition. Since my last post unbelievably I have had quite the health scare! Which is definitely something that will put a flame under your butt to get moving with a healthy lifestyle. And quite truthfully you may think your lifestyle is healthy but when someone tells you that you may have cancer again…you will notice exactly where it is not quite as healthy as you have been telling yourself it is!!!

I have been struggling with this nutritional certification for quite sometime. And for the most part I have been struggling with a truly healthy diet. I have to admit, I am weak. I love junk! If it is not around I will not eat but if it is in the house I get tempted. And when there are 2 people living in one household I am not the only person shopping! Also my lifestyle is VERY busy which leaves little time to prepare. Although, I have noticed that if I would put my phone down it would give me a LOT more time to do these things that I say I have no time for.

About 2 weeks before my ride my neck started to bother me. I was so busy that I ignored it for the most part. I thought that maybe it was from doing hand stands on the TRX straps. Then after the ride one of my clients pointed out that my clavicle area was VERY swollen! Ugh!! I immediately made an appointment at the oncologist because I felt 2 bumps inside the swelling. Needless to say my oncologist did too 😦

I had a biopsy a couple of days later and they found some pretty weird stuff but decided to send the report to Johns Hopkins for further review. Needless to say I was convinced that I might be dying. My oncologist said that 99% of the time one of the lymph nodes comes back as cancer. The other 99% of the time comes back benign. So it was pretty alarming to say the least. For a month I have been in limbo. In fact Friday I had an MRI where I was in the machine with my head bolted down for 1 hour and 45 minutes! Awful to put it mildly! I am still waiting for the results. The suspense is killing me!

Ahh….my diet is in my face at this point. I just bought Kris Carr’s new book Crazy Sexy Juice. I am planning to ramp up on the vegetable juicing along with smoothies. I had blood work done in May and it said that my PH balance was a 6 which according to their guidelines is perfect. Although in reading Never Fear Cancer Again it says that 6 is slightly acidic which is all you need to have illness. I need to get it up to 6.5 or 7. I can do this but this time I want to do this such that it is a joy not a pain.

Johns Hopkins sent back a report that what they had originally thought was benign…hallelujah! But the question now is…What is it??!! My fingers are crossed that it is something solvable with diet and exercise. The other good news is that I stopped taking all of my cancer drugs temporarily. I think I feel better than I did but time will tell. I hate those meds they cause severe joint pain. Maybe they are the cause of this sudden turn of events!

The question for everyone reading this is….What happened to you recently that made you have the thought…I wish I had a better diet??? My question is…What are you waiting for??? If you are healthy already and have had no life threatening scares…wouldn’t it make sense to have a great diet so that you may never have a life threatening scare? Let’s face it. We are all going to die at some point in our lives. And who in the heck knows if some of these things are unhelpable, who knows if it isn’t merely the environment which on some levels we have no control over. But we all know that fruits and vegetables are certainly better for you than processed foods, so why not start today eating cleaner:-)

Till next time….stay healthy!

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  1. Lean Lena says:

    Sending you positive thoughts, Mary! Keep your nose up.


    1. hairmary says:

      Thanks Lena!! Working out like crazy to keep the internal conversation at a minimum😕 And I am feeling positive that whatever it is, it is fixable!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lean Lena says:

        I’m sure it is!


  2. Sharon Dyrland says:

    Mary, you are just amazingly strong! What a gift you are to all of us who are blessed to know you.


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