Ahh Rest For The Weary😉

Here I am at the beach for the Labor Day weekend…. yay! I haven’t yet determined whether the ocean air is making me sleepy or if I have just worked so hard lately that I am finally crashing!  It is so nice to be away and I am so lucky to have friends that have a place in Rehoboth😊

There is one issue though….. junk food city! How can you come to the beach and not go to the candy stores! Kilwins especially😝 Oh how weak I can be!

I did bring fruit and asparagus with me so as not to let it go bad at home while here. I have been eating asparagus as a snack lately. I wrap it in paper towels and wet… then microwave for 90 seconds. So easy and quite tasty… Better than potato chips. I also brought some rotisserie chicken that I have snacked on. Yesterday I had not so good food. I had a buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich from McDonald’s with French fries and a pomegranate, blueberry smooth which was probably 100% sugar😡 I did eat a good dinner…6oz filet with asparagus and mash potatoes. But before we went to the Club to eat I had cheese and crackers. And after dinner I had a few dark chocolate pecan turtles!!!  Not to mention a handful of potato chips (sour cream and vinegar) And this is how life goes😠😢😝

Before the beach I had 4 intense days of hair and fitness. Monday I taught 2 spinning classes and trained 1 person plus a SGT (small group training)before evening spin class. Tuesday I did a Small Group training, was booked all day with hair then taught spin. Wednesday I trained 2 people early, hair all day then taught spin. Thursday I trained someone early at gym then another person at shop, then hair all day and spinning class and SGT after… home at 9:30😖 It is a good thing I have a passion for all that I do. But diet suffers somewhat with a schedule like this.

Oh my… what to do? My dream is to one day be discovered as this amazing Cancer Surviving (older) woman athlete that someone out there wants to endorse to inspire other people in the world, where I get paid big bucks to do my thing! That would buy me the ability to hire someone to take care of all of my food concerns by putting that part of my life together for me…hopefully! And also hopefully allowing me the freedom to do exactly what I love so I can make a difference in the world by helping people be all that they can be😊  Where are you ELLEN? I need your help! I want you to endorse me!! I want to be on your show!!

Until then I will just have to continue beating the pavement, hoping to find some followers that want to explore all of this with me. What is it that gets in the way of taking full care of ourselves so that we feel as good as we possibly can? Do we have to have endless streams of money in order to be healthy and fit? Are there just not enough hours in the days to take care of all of our needs? What are your dreams…. what are your visions for yourself? How are you going about accomplishing your goals and visions? Or have you just become completely resigned?! Just remember my friends…. it is NEVER to late to make a difference… even in your own life😉 

Until next time🎇💋🌟😋

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