Hair, Health, Fitness & Life!

Here we go world! You are probably wondering why I started this blog? For the most part as far as I can tell life (for me at least) seems to be always about these 4 topics. I don’t know about you, but hair is ALWAYS an issue on many levels.  I happen to be a cancer survivor so health is another area of concern on a regular basis. Fitness (for me) is a big deal in my life mainly because I am hell bent on staying ahead of it till the end as well as help other people attain their fitness goals. And then there is life, well life is life and it is constant and there is always something about life that is either annoying, interesting, fun, great, terrible, wonderful and or you name it.

A little background about me. I am a hairdresser and have been for so many years that I would rather not say how many! I am a very good hairdresser. There are some aspects of this job that I really don’t like, but I do LOVE most of my clients and the social component of this job. I own a small hair salon in Washington, DC. Also I am a Personal Trainer as well as a Group Exercise Instructor and also a Cycle (Spinning) Instructor as well as a Certified TRX Team Training Coach etc. Actually I LOVE these jobs. Teaching people how to be in shape is a very fulfilling talent and I think that I am pretty good at this job.  I am constantly getting educated in this field. Fitness beats hair mainly because hair has the tendency to wear on my posture and my back. Fitness is all about form and core stability so I have no posture issue here. Oh and also I am slowly but surely working on getting a Nutritional Certification.

Now that you know a little about me,, I will start by saying that all of this sounds great, but so often LIFE gets in the way of some of what I am trying to accomplish. I thought that maybe some of you out there might have the same issues. Maybe we could start to work through them together. Let’s take for instance DIET! Ha! Now think about it, what good is having great hair and many fitness hours if your diet is suffering? Now I am not talking about being on a diet. I am talking about what you are actually putting in your mouth each day, each time you eat! This is my biggest struggle in life. And if you looked at me you would say…wow…you are so thin you have nothing to worry about!! I am here to tell you that if in fact we ate well (not to fill ourselves up) and we ate healthy, life would be much better. Now that issue seems to ALWAYS be time related and or being too TIRED to prepare! The funny thing is that we would be less tired if we were feeding ourselves nutritious foods as well as having a good workout. Anybody out there struggling with the same issue? This is where I would like to start with my blog. This won’t be the only thing we discuss about life though. As we all know there are many day to day things that are very worthy of discussion that also sometimes interfere with our personal goals.

Start asking yourself these questions…. What is getting in the way of my exercise program? Do I even have an exercise program? What is getting in my way of eating healthy foods? Do I even care if I do either? And what are my expectations for health and well being for the future of my life and exactly how am I going to accomplish what I say I expect? Ponder this until next time:-)

This is what I started with today so far: Latte…banana…homemade granola bar….protein smoothie with frozen kale, frozen strawberries, a scoop of Protein powder…a tablespoon of diatemateous earth, scoop of essential veggie and fruit powder, almond milk. Then for lunch I had whole grain bread with rotisserie chicken and tomato (no mayo) and a fresh juiced cabbage celery, carrot, spinach drink:-) (So far today has been a good day!)

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